What is one person company?

‘One Person Company (OPC) was introduced in the Companies Act, 2013 by the MCA in order to provide an entire new bracket of opportunities for the budding entrepreneurs who are capable of starting a venture single handedly by allowing them to create a single person financial entity. An OPC is a hybrid structure where the OPC owner will enjoy all the benefits of a private limited company which precisely means that the OPC owner can have the access to bank loans, credits, limited liability, access to market, legal protection, etc, without sharing ownership all in the name of a separate legal entity.


Only One Shareholder: Only a natural person who is an Indian resident shall be eligible to incorporate an OPC. The person must have stayed in India for a period of at least 182 days in the preceding year.

Borrowing Capacity: Banks and other financial institutions prefer to provide funding to a company rather than partnership firms or proprietary concerns. However, an OPC cannot issue equity for funding as it is owned by one person at all the times.

Easy Transferability: The ownership of an OPC can be transferred easily by transferring the title of shares. The signing, filing and transfer of share certificates and shares transfer form are sufficient to transfer the ownership of the company.

Single Promoter: OPC is the only corporate entity which can be started and operated by a single promoter with a limited liability protection in India which ensures perpetual existence of the business along with easy ownership transferability.

Owning Property: A company enjoying the status if artificial person is eligible to acquire, own enjoy and alienate property in its name. The property that is owned by the company could be buildings, land, machinery, intangible assets, factory, residential property, etc.

Uninterrupted Existence: The incorporated OPC has uninterrupted existence until it’s been legally dissolved. Since the company has a separate legal existence, it is unaffected by the death or departure of any member


Arrange basic documents of Directors


We will apply for DSC (Digital Signature) of Directors


We will prepare MOA, AOA and other legal documents


We will File SPICe (INC -32) and other incorporation documents with ROC


Get your Incorporation Certificate



1. Minimum 1 Shareholder

2. Minimum 1 Directors

3. The directors and shareholders can be same person

4. Minimum 1 Nominee

5. Only Indian residents can be Shareholder & Nominee

6. Minimum 1 Director must be Indian Resident

7. Minimum Authorised Share Capital to be Rs. 1 Lac

8. DIN (Director Identification Number) for all Directors

9. DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) for 1 Promoters & 1 witness

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list of documents

  • PAN Card issued by the Income Tax Department is a mandatory requirement for the identity proof.

  • Copy of Passport/ Voter ID/ Driving license/ Aadhaar card/ Any utility bill is required for the address proof. The address proof must be in the name of the “applicant” only and should not be older than 2 months from the date of filing of DIR-3.

  • Passport size photograph of the Applicant and Nominee

  • Current occupation of the applicant

  • E-mail address and the mobile number of the applicant.

  • Verification Signed the Applicant


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you will get

DIN for 1 Director

Incorporation Certificate

Company TAN/TDS Number

DSC for 1 promoter and one witness

Company PAN Card

Bank Account Opening Document Support

Company Name Approval

Customized Incorporation Master File

Domain Name for 1 year + Website + 50 Email Ids for 1 year OR


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