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; Xbox One‎.Genre(s): Racing; ‎Multiplayer‎. *A pre-built version of the game is required to play multiplayer with friends. "The 2012 racing game, Need for Speed Most Wanted, has become an icon for video games. It is a best seller, has been sold in over 100 countries and has been nominated for multiple industry awards including Best Racing Game, Best Original Music and Best Writing. Now EA and Ghost Games announce Need for Speed Rivals, a brand new Need for Speed that will challenge players to be the last car standing on the road. Rivals builds upon the DNA of the franchise with an enhanced and thrilling racing experience. Rivals is set to release worldwide in Spring 2013. Redefined, Enhanced, and Intense In Need for Speed Rivals, the high stakes of driving fast and being the last car standing are no longer restricted to the virtual world. Competitors can now choose from real-world locations and cities. For the first time, players will be able to have a direct effect on the world around them by entering racing events, confronting police and engaging in high-speed pursuits as they pursue their rivals. Rivals introduces two game modes to support these new ways to compete and win: Hot Pursuit and Ghost Mode. Hot Pursuit puts players in real-world locations like London, Paris and Los Angeles. Hoonigans will use street racing, evading and other unique evasive driving techniques to compete for the most city points. Ghost Mode provides even more challenge in a career setting. Paired with online multiplayer, Ghost Mode players will encounter an assortment of AI-controlled cars to take down, including red and yellow hotrods. The road will be crowded with opponents and cops. If players win, they will be rewarded with cash and city points that can be used to purchase new vehicles, modification parts and enhancements. Ghost Mode also has an in-game ghost driver that will help the player to avoid and outrun the enemy. Expanded Multiplayer A new co-operative multiplayer mode, Rivals allows players to race against each other as partners. The ghost mode continues as well, in which players can choose their own AI-controlled partners to help in the game. In addition to the two different forms of multiplayer, Rivals offers three game types: Hot Pursuit, Ghost Mode and Speed Duel. Need for Speed Most Wanted fans will appreciate the familiar challenges that Need for Speed Most Wanted brought to the game. Rivals builds upon



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NFS14 Crack Latest